At Ashdale Care, we believe building independence among young people is a crucial part of their self-development. When young people join Ashdale Care, they are supported and empowered to build lifelong skills that encourage independence.

From Occupational Therapies and experiential therapies to building lifelong skills with the internationally award-winning ASDAN methodology, young people at Ashdale Care are not just supported but actively empowered to become independent people.

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Empowering Programs at Ashdale Care

At Ashdale Care, our unwavering commitment revolves around equipping young people with the essential skills to flourish as independent and functional adults. Our organisational culture is rooted in quality, safety, respect, and an impassioned dedication to positive outcomes.

From the beginning of a young person’s journey with Ashdale Care, our dedicated staff actively fosters an environment that promotes growth and independence. Our mission is to motivate and empower children to acquire new skills, paving the way for a successful transition into adulthood.

One empowering program at the core of our approach is Occupational Therapy, a key component focused on developing the skills necessary for functional independence. Recognising that various factors can impact a child’s ability to navigate daily tasks and achieve developmental milestones, O.T. uses the Sensory Integration approach. This approach centres around the brain’s ability to process sensory information from the environment, influencing movement and execution of tasks. Through careful observation and assessment in various environments, our team identifies sensory processing skills and deficits, creating tailored Sensory Skills programs in collaboration with therapeutic and residential teams to enhance each child’s Sensory Integration abilities.

Additionally, we proudly offer an Experiential Learning Activity Programme in collaboration with Gartan Outdoor Education Centre. This initiative provides hands-on, immersive experiences that contribute to skill development, self-discovery, and the cultivation of independence in a supportive and adventurous setting.

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Life Skills Development

Our focus is on nurturing the development of essential life skills among our young people, including problem-solving, flexibility and critical thinking. We design interactions and activities that specifically cultivate these skills.

Our collaboration with ASDAN takes a more nuanced approach to ensure that our young people receive a comprehensive and tailored education program beyond conventional schooling. This pioneering curriculum development organisation and internationally recognised awarding body offers specialised programs and qualifications explicitly designed to foster skills for learning, employment and life. The traditional structure of a mainstream educational setting may not suit every young person in realising their full academic potential. Therefore, we embrace alternative approaches that cater to the diverse needs and learning styles. At Ashdale Care, we believe in providing an educational foundation that meets academic standards and equips them with the life skills necessary for a successful future.

Personalised Independence Plans

At Ashdale Care, we continuously strive to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each young individual, promoting their growth, independence, and overall well-being.

Upon admission, an Individual Placement Plan is crafted and a key worker is appointed. This key worker remains a constant support throughout the child/young person’s journey, actively involving them in decisions about their daily life from the initial stages.

The key worker, in collaboration with home management, takes on the responsibility of coordinating a task-focused key work plan aligned with the care plan and IPP. This personalised strategy aims to assist the child/young person in understanding the life events that led to their placement, enhancing self-esteem, and fostering development in personal abilities and strengths. Our key workers seamlessly work within a multi-disciplinary arena, liaising with external professionals and internal staff while ensuring the child/young person’s voice is heard and valued in decision-making.

Family Involvement

Acknowledging the vital role of family in a young person’s journey towards independence is crucial for their successful reintegration into the community. A child’s cultural and ethnic identity is intricately linked to their family, making family involvement a key indicator of effective treatment and support.

At Ashdale Care, we recognise and prioritise the significance of family in fostering independence so we involve families in the process through tailored workshops, open communication channels, and collaborative initiatives aimed at strengthening family ties.

Through collaborative efforts, we work hand in hand with families to create a supportive and nurturing environment. This joint approach not only reinforces family bonds but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall success of the independence-building process.

Words From Our Young People 

The ultimate success for Ashdale Care is to know that our young people leave Ashdale feeling cared for and confident for their future. Here are just a couple of quotes from past placements who reached out to share their thoughts on their time at Ashdale Care.

“I have missed every part of Ashdale even though I’ve only been gone three weeks. It’s still the longest I’ve ever been away from Ashdale. Ashdale is my home and it always will be… I have started my new school…it is massive but the good thing is I haven’t got lost yet.”

“I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t come to Ivy Hill. You have saved my life. You have worked alongside me, helping me to become a better person. You have shown me that life isn’t about giving up, it’s about staying focused and that is exactly how I am leaving here today. I feel ready for the future.”

At Ashdale Care, nurturing independence is integral to the self-development journey of our young people. Upon entering our care, each young person receives dedicated support and empowerment to cultivate lifelong skills to foster independence. Through a spectrum of programs, including Occupational Therapies, experiential therapies, and the globally acclaimed ASDAN methodology, Ashdale Care empowers young people to receive support and proactively embrace and embody independence as an essential aspect of their personal growth.