Development Opportunities

Development Opportunies


Our senior members of staff are responsible not only for the wellbeing of the young people in our care but also for our junior staff. They are expected to nurture and support, help with training and upskilling, and act as coaches and mentors, sharing the Ashdale Care ethos and culture with the rest of the team. However, we recognise that we should all continue to learn new things in order to grow and so our training programme continues at senior levels too, to include management training programmes. Many of our senior positions are filled by staff who have progressed within our organisation, but we are always looking for caring, committed and experienced people to join our team.

Progression Pathway

There is a clear Progression Pathway here at Ashdale Care, supported by excellent, consistent, internal and external training. We believe in home-grown talent – and support our colleagues to progress within the organisation. This progression pathway is open and transparent, and encourages those who want to grow and achieve to do just that, with opportunities to upskill and learn along the way.

Senior Practitioner Programme

We believe in our people and we want to see them grow and evolve when they join Ashdale Care. We encourage our staff to stay and grow with us. Taking part in our accelerated Senior Practitioner Programme allows them to receive the training and mentoring necessary to make the next step up to a role as a Senior Practitioner. This then forms the springboard for moving up through the organisation to the positions of Deputy Manager, Home Manager and eventually Regional Manager.

Deputy Home

Our Deputy Home Managers will have several years of experience at a management level within residential care. Their role will include supporting the team within the home, and mentoring and teaching colleagues. They will play a leading role in ensuring the highest standards of care for our children, as well as acting as an advocate for them and their families.

They will assist the Home Manager with overseeing the running of the home, and be confident enough to stand in for the Home Manager when required. The most important aspect of the role is to role model for the staff on the floor and be the link between the staff and the home manager.


The home manager is the registered person in the home in which they manage and is responsible for the welfare of the staff and children within the Home. Our Home Managers will already have solid experience within a a residential care home. The liaison point for outside agencies including Social Workers, GALs, Guardians etc.

The Home Manager will also have to attend court proceedings, statutory reviews, multidisciplinary meetings and other professional meetings. Also responsible for staff supervision, health and safety and other governance and legislation requirement.


Our Regional Managers will have a number of years of experience of residential home care management. Responsible for overseeing allocated care homes. They must ensure that all relevant standards of governance and legislation are adhered to.

Supporting our Home Managers, the Regional Managers will oversee placement moves for our young people, and be confident enough to deal with crisis management as needed

Career Development Programmes

Ashdale Care has alliances with colleges and universities across Ireland. Students come to us on placement and many of them come back to work with us once they finish their studies. The learning doesn’t stop there – we run a number of career development programmes, including our Accelerated Senior Practitioner Programmes, management training programmes, and annual performance appraisals.

If you would like to enquire about any of our development opportunities please get in touch

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