Here at Ashdale Care, we believe that a healthy community is a happy and productive one. That’s why this month, the month of May, we decided to take our commitment to wellness a step further (pun intended!). We created the Ashdale Care Step Challenge. It was a fun, engaging way to get everyone out and moving, and we think it might have even gotten a little competitive too!

The Challenge:

The challenge was simple. Each house and department in Ashdale Care formed a team. The goal was to accumulate as many steps as possible throughout the month. With pedometers and fitness trackers, we have to say that our Ashdale Care Community really ‘stepped up’ to the challenge, turning every walk and stair climb into an opportunity to contribute to their team’s total.


Building Team Spirit:

We got some great feedback from our colleagues, who say they shared in a great sense of community and camaraderie (as well as a healthy bit of competition). We had team members cheering each other on, sharing tips on their lunch breaks.


Health Benefits for All:

Beyond all the fun and competitive spirit, the Step Challenge really does provide a number of health benefits for everyone involved. Not just on a cardiovascular level, activities like these can boost mental well-being and energy levels. We loved seeing the smiling faces, the creativity and the enthusiasm that our Ashdale Care Community put into this challenge.


The Countdown:

As the month of May was ending, and the excitement was rising, there were some teams who were neck and neck. Every step counted. We were wondering if we would be in for a photo finish! It was incredible to see the dedication and perseverance of all who took part as they made the final push.


And the Winner Is….

We are so thrilled to reveal that the Oghill Team were the winners of our Step Challenge, having clocked over 3 million steps altogether. We are all amazed at their dedication!


A Lasting Impact:

While the Step Challenge was a month long event, we know that the healthy habits and team spirit we have always fostered at Ashdale Care are here to stay.

We are so proud of all the teams who took part and made it so much fun for everyone. Thank you to all who participated and who continue to push themselves to make Ashdale Care so special, one step at a time.