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The therapeutic journey commences through the process of referrals and meetings with professionals who are actively seeking a placement for a child or young person.
New referrals are considered by our team, led by our Director of Care & Quality, who will coordinate and respond to all placement enquiries. Every enquiry/referral is viewed from the prospective of meeting need and ensuring that our service is the right fit for an individual and will be subject to a group risk impact assessment.
A comprehensive individual and bespoke proposal is forwarded for consideration to the referring agency followed by an invitation to visit our services and meet with our multi-disciplinary team to further explore a proposed placement plan.
We accept referrals from the National Placement Team withing Tulsa and the Health and Social Care Trust within Northern Ireland.

Programmes of Care and support will be for a minimum period of 12 months to allow an effective therapeutic journey with no upper time limit. We care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years old.
Each child or young person will have a dedicated key-worker who will introduce them to the home and provide them with an information booklet, in order to help them become familiar with their surroundings and the area as well as others within the home.

Therapeutic services are at the core of our service provision and included in our care packages.

These services are integrated into an Individual Placement Plan for each child or young person according to their needs as outlined in their Care Plan.


Individual Placement Plan and Key-work Programme

On admission an Individual Placement Plan (IPP) is devised form the Care Plan and a key worker appointed. The Key worker continues to work alongside the child/young person and will endeavour to make the child/young person’s transition into their home as smooth as possible. The child/young person will be encouraged to become involved in decisions regarding their daily life within the home from these initial stages.

It is the responsibility of the key worker, in conjunction with the home management, to coordinate the child/young person’s key work ensuring it is task focused and directly in line with what is outlined in their care plan and IPP.   The Key worker will endeavour to assist in helping the child/young person to understand life events which led to their admission to their new placement, enhance self-esteem, development in their personal abilities and strengths, address and respond to pain based behaviours, managing past trauma and create platforms needed for forming positive attachments.

Key workers will also carry out and review risk assessments/management plans, coordinate all aspects of identified key work within the team directly related to their key child.  They will work within a multi-disciplinary arena and laisse with external professionals and internal staff within the Therapeutic and Operations team.  They will be responsible for preparing reports for care planning and IPD (Individual Development Plan) meetings and will assist the child/young person in their voice being heard within these forms.

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Make A Referral

We accept referrals through the National Private Placement Team in ROI and via direct referral from the Health and Social Care Trust in NI. Please contact Ashdale House on 048 85567755 from ROI or 028 85567755 from NI to speak directly to one of our Referrals Team for further information on our facilities and services.

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