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How We Care

For over 20 years, Ashdale Care has provided industry-leading care for young people in Ireland. Using Cornell University’s CARE and TCI model, we create enriching environments for young people who have experienced trauma. Our commitment to these models allows us to develop a culture of respect, passion and safety for our team members and young people.

CARE Model

CARE is a trauma-informed, principle-based, multi-component program designed by Cornell University to enhance social dynamics in group care settings. The program also helps to create an environment that provides developmentally enriching experiences and better outcomes for children in residential care.


The six key principles of the CARE model:

The culture created by the leadership team motivates young people and staff to adhere to routines, structures, and processes to minimise potential interpersonal conflict. The CARE model improves staff capacity to establish positive developmental relationships with those in care and helps provide a “sense of normality”.

“Teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best”

The TCI Model

In 2019, Ashdale Care became the first European organisation to achieve TCI Fidelity status through Cornell University.

The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention model, developed and run by Cornell University, provides a system to assist in caring for children and young people who have experienced trauma.

The organisation focuses on building learning relationships and a community of practice throughout Ashdale Care to maintain quality care standards and principles in 6 main ways:


“The Manager and Deputy Manager were fabulous. Staff members were fantastic, committed and it was evident they had a vested interest in that child. The child was under Ashdale’s responsibility for 15 – 16 months, he made massive progress.”

How We Apply These Models

The culture of quality, safety, respect and passion for creating positive outcomes for young people permeates the entire organisation. Our care model is underpinned by market-leading principles further developed as part of the CARE model and TCI accreditation alongside Cornell University.

Our therapists and psychologists work with our young people to develop a tailored plan that carefully selects the right mix of therapies, delivered by a dedicated in-house team of OT’s, Psychologists and teachers. Young people take ownership of their individual placement plans to ensure full commitment and engagement.

“I have missed every part of Ashdale even though I’m only gone 3 weeks it’s still the longest I’ve ever been away from Ashdale. Ashdale is my home and it always will be… I have started my new school…it is massive but the good thing is I haven’t got lost yet.”

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