When a child or young person comes into our care at Ashdale, they are assigned a key worker. This key worker is a named member of staff who will be the primary co-ordinator of the young person’s care. They will be a vital connection for the child or young person and will aim to forge a deep and lasting connection with them  and work to ensure they feel secure and supported. In this blog, we’ll delve a little deeper into the role of the key worker at Ashdale and how their work can transform young lives for the better.

What does a key worker do at Ashdale?

At Ashdale, the key worker’s responsibilities are broad and varied – from being their voice in care pathway meetings to ensuring they feel supported in areas learning and even helping them carve Halloween pumpkins! It’s their responsibility to get to know the child or young person on a deeper level and understand their case history and how this impacts them. Ultimately, a key worker will offer support to the child in a way that fits in with their dedicated care plan.

When is a key worker assigned?

As soon as a child or young person is welcomed to Ashdale, they will be assigned a key worker. In these very early days, the key worker will work with the rest of the team to create a dedicated Individual  Placement Plan (IPP) and then work to ensure the young person’s move to Ashdale is as smooth as possible. They will help them to settle in, show them around, introduce them to other residents and generally encourage them to get involved in Ashdale life.

What skills do you need to be a key worker?

Alongside the training and experience required to be a residential social care worker or social care leader, there are a number of traits and attributes that are vital to be a successful key worker for a young person, these include communication skills, patience, compassion and the capacity to successfully manage difficult situations.

How will a child or young person benefit from having a key worker?

The dedicated key worker will help the young person to understand the events that led to their admission and better manage any trauma. A key worker’s long-term aim is to help the young person become an independent adult who can go on to lead a fulfilled life. To this end, they will work to develop a young person’s strengths and skills and create platforms for building positive attachments.

How does a key worker engage with the team at Ashdale?

Key workers will work with their Ashdale colleagues to create and monitor risk assessments and management plans. They will liaise with Therapeutic and Operations team as well as external professionals related to the young person’s care. An important role is to be the voice of the child and express their thoughts and feelings in meetings with other professionals.

They should be very familiar with the young person’s strengths, interests and capabilities and be in a great place to recommend forms of therapeutic treatment such as art therapy, learning support and the ASDAN plan, outdoor activities and more.

How can I become a key worker at Ashdale?

If you’re looking to take your next step in a residential care career then check out our job vacancies now.