There’s a very special team working at Ashdale Care – and these are just some of the reasons why they love it here!

1. Positively transforming children’s lives

Ashdale Care is the pioneer in residential care for children that have experienced trauma – we do things very differently, and our methods – offering children a place of safety in a familial home, along with therapeutic interventions – are incredibly effective. What better reward can there be than helping these children and young people to enjoy their childhood and go out into the world as confident young adults?

2.  The Ashdale community

Although there obviously have to be people in charge you’ll find the hierarchy at Ashdale Care is really relaxed – there aren’t many companies where the CEO might join you for lunch, but this is one of them. We spend a lot of time together and you’ll find a friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout the organisation.

3. Comprehensive training programme

We are always learning and evolving, and we encourage our staff to do the same. There’s fabulous training – both internal and external. And there’s the opportunity to get your further studies funded too in some instances. And we haven’t even mentioned the CARE programme. In association with Cornell University, CARE (Children and Residential Experiences programme) is an innovative system that uses the latest research to help to improve the quality of care of children like ours, who live in group care settings. Training is offered to all of our staff on all levels of the CARE principles. 

4. Support for staff

If we don’t look after our staff they can’t look after our young people! There’s a number of ways in which we support staff: regular debriefs, so you don’t ‘take your work home with you’ and listening groups where you can air your thoughts and ideas are just two of them. A lot of our managers have worked their way through the Ashdale Care ranks so can lend a wise ear to newer members of staff. Internal and external pastoral support services are on offer and to continue looking after staff wellbeing, we organise rosters carefully to ensure you have a good work/life balance, plus we offer discounted membership to a local gym.

5. Generous remuneration package

We really value our staff and we offer one of the best packages in the business. We believe our pay scales are competitive, with  Residential Social Workers and Residential Social Care Workers, earning in excess of  €31,000. There are also generous sleep in allowances, which take the package up to around €37,000.

6. Opportunities to grow within Ashdale

We really believe in growing from within, so there are management pathways that you can follow, to ensure you can continue to further your career while you work at Ashdale Care. We offer management training and mentoring – read how one of our amazing staff members has risen through the ranks from student to regional manager! LINK:

7. Pizza vans, cake, parties…

We love a celebration at Ashdale Care. In fact, there doesn’t actually have to be a reason to celebrate for us to get out the cake! Our homes often get a visit from the pizza van – and we love a party for anything from birthdays to exam success and all the young people’s achievements too. Did we mention the cake?!

Find out more about Ashdale Care and the careers on offer at We’d love you to join the team!