Did you know, according to Independent.ie, a whopping 63% of Irish workers are considering a career change? Finding a fulfilling and varied career that pays well and has a positive impact is usually considered the holy grail of work. If you’d like to make a difference for children in Ireland, then a career in children’s residential care could be the perfect move for you. Here, we’ll take a look at why a job at Ashdale Care could tick many of your “new job requirements” boxes.

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1. You could make a difference in young people’s lives

The children who come into our care at Ashdale each have their own stories to tell. As a residential care worker, you’ll get to work closely with children, many of whom have experienced trauma or difficulties, and create a safe and nurturing environment to help them grow and develop into thriving adults. There’s no better feeling than the pride of helping a child reach their full potential. And the wonderful news – it’s not only the children’s lives who are positively impacted. 

2. You can work on your own personal growth

As a residential care worker at Ashdale, your growth will be continuous. We provide regular online and in-person training to help you take giant steps up the career ladder. You’ll also learn valuable skills in empathy, communication, problem-solving and resilience – skills which can be transferred to virtually all aspects of your life.

3. Your job will offer endless new opportunities and challenges

At Ashdale, every day really is different. From the school run to staff training; or helping a young person decorate their bedroom to enjoying a coffee morning with your colleagues; there really is something different every day. And a great team to do it with too.

4. You’ll bond with your incredible colleagues

At Ashdale, we don’t just care for the children and young people who live in our homes but for our brilliant staff too. We’re proud of the supportive environment we’ve created and the bond that naturally develops between colleagues. In fact, we believe our supportive culture is one of the many reasons that our new staff tend to still be part of the Ashdale community many years down the line (that and the rise up the career ladder to senior positions!). If you wish to move on, your job lends itself to that too.

5. You’ll learn so many transferrable skills

Within residential care, you’ll learn so many talents. You’ll grow in empathy, expand your problem-solving skills, develop your communication abilities, learn conflict resolution… we could go on. The skills you’ll learn in children’s residential care will lend itself to wherever your career journey takes you.

A career in children’s residential care has the power to positively change your life and that of the children and young people we care for.  So, if you’re currently considering your next move, why not check out our careers page or get in touch with us today? You won’t regret it. 

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