World Kindness Day isn’t just another date on the calendar; it’s a global movement to inspire acts of understanding and generosity. At Ashdale Care, we believe in cultivating kindness every day. Today, we’re shining a light on how we embody this spirit in the daily lives of our staff and young people.

World Kindness Day encourages everyone to improve the world through simple acts of compassion. For children in residential care, kindness can be transformative. It reminds them that love and understanding prevail despite life’s challenges. At Ashdale Care, we celebrate this day to reinforce the positive values we hold dear and the supportive environment we provide.

Teaching Kindness through Daily Activities

Storytime Sessions

We curate heartwarming tales that emphasise empathy, sharing, and understanding. These stories are great conversation starters, allowing children to discuss and internalise these themes.

Arts & Crafts

Our arts and crafts sessions are designed to encourage kindness and compassion. Young people are encouraged to express their feelings through art. They are encouraged to share their creations with others and even display their art if they like. Everyone is encouraged to share kind words and thoughts about artwork. This therapeutic process is fantastic for self-expression and self-esteem while fostering kindness.

Spreading Kindness With Sustainability

Our sustainability commitments allow us to show kindness to the planet through our short, medium, and long-term aims. From reducing single-use plastic to introducing an all-electric fleet of cars, our compassion extends beyond our people.

Workplace Wellbeing

We show kindness to our incredible Ashdale Care team every day. Social care can be a very testing occupation, and we understand that kindness and compassion can help our team handle even the most stressful situations. Our support system, income protection, and other benefits mean our staff know they are cared for.

At Ashdale Care, kindness isn’t confined to just one day. Our holistic approach ensures that patience is embedded in our daily interactions. Our staff undergo regular training to handle sensitive situations with compassion.

World Kindness Day is a reminder of the power of compassion. At Ashdale Care, we’re proud to champion these values and ensure every young person in our care knows the strength of kindness. Join us in celebrating and spreading a little extra love today and always.