Caring for others can put pressure on even the most resilient care worker. In time for Stress Awareness month this April, we wanted to share a handful of tips to help you care for yourself while you care for others. At Ashdale, we’ve built support into our culture. So, while we understand that the job of care worker comes with an unavoidable amount of pressure, our staff know that they need never suffer alone. Check out the five preservation techniques that we employ at Ashdale that can be built into any self-care routine.

1.Speak up

If you’re feeling overwhelmed then we urge you to open up to a trusted confidant. At Ashdale, we have regular listening groups and post-shift debriefs so staff can discuss problems or challenges that they’re facing at work. We also offer external support via Staffcare and encourage our staff to connect with the clinical teams attached to each home. But, if you don’t have the luxury of a professional support team, build your own. Reach out to trusted friends and ask for their support.

2.Take a break

When you’re caring for others, it’s imperative to carve out time for yourself. Time away from the stressors related to caregiving. At Ashdale, our full-time residential care workers are entitled to 12 days off per month during which they’re encouraged to disconnect and live the life part of their work-life balance.

3.Focus on what you can do

Oftentimes, an Ashdale team member will be working closely with a child or young person who has experienced trauma but they never work alone, they’re fully supported by a team of care workers including psychologists, occupational therapists, ASDAN specialists and more. We advise carers to focus on what they CAN do and mindfully release what’s out of their control.

4.Stay social

Make the effort to stay connected with friends, family and fellow carers. Reaching out can feel like the last thing you want to do after a hard day but a simple phone call or walk with a friend can recharge your batteries and leave you ready to face tomorrow afresh. At Ashdale, we create opportunities to work together, eat together and relax together. We’re a team.

5.Celebrate your wins

After a tough day, it may be difficult to find the positives but we promise that they’re there. Think about a moment in the day where you felt good. This can be a positive breakthrough with the person that you’re caring for or simply the realisation that you managed to drink your coffee hot this morning.


And remember, the job you’re doing is changing a life. You matter. You’re important and you’re enough.


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