Our Hub

Ashdale House is our Hub. Located in a peaceful and rural setting in Ballygawley, Co Tyrone.

Here you will find our Senior Management, Operations, Senior Social Workers, Psychologists, Art Therapists, Educational, Finance, Human Resources, Business Services, Administration and Estates teams.

Our Hub serves as our main training, conference and meeting centre.  All our staff commence their journey through an interactive induction programme followed up by regular training, through our model of specific training programme, which emanates from our model of care.  We also deliver bespoke training according to the individual need of any of our children and young people that we care for.

Our Homes hold their Staff Team Meetings in our Hubs as well as their monthly Care and Placement Plan multi-disciplinary review meetings.  During this forum Management the full Staff Team, and our Clinical Team reflect on, and evaluate, each child or young person’s care and placement plan and associated outcomes.

Our children and young people also attend our Hubs on a regular basis for direct therapeutic interventions via our art barn and professional sensory room, one to one education, education support services, as well as attend their own meetings and reviews, in line with their care and placement plan.

Our Hubs also serve our social life within our organisation.  We frequently hold our seasonal parties and celebrations or events in our children’s, young people’s and staffs lives.

Our Homes

Our Residential Care Homes are in peaceful, countryside locations within ‘the Sanctuary County’ of Ireland, County Monaghan, County Louth and County Meath.

Each of our homes is domestic in nature, set in landscaped gardens with a strong emphasis on rural locations and environment.  Critical to the therapeutic journey is the need to ensure our homes are safe havens, a place where all within feel safe, warm nurtured and cared for within comfortable, clean and well-maintained surroundings.  Our belief is that if we get the environment right, our children and young people will feel valued and respected and cared for, and will begin to experience support and enablement to heal from any trauma they may have experienced.

We encourage our children and young people to take responsibility for their environments and proactively listen to and apply their views when it comes to the upkeep of the homes.

We apply the familial model within our homes, encouraging and enabling our children and young people to take part in the ordinary day to day tasks required in any family home.  These essential life skills become part of the personal development of all.

Our Estates Team attend to all aspects of the upkeep of the homes and gardens as well as any repairs or special adaptions that may be needed.

Every child or young person in our care will receive an information booklet on their home, provided with information they need in relation to their daily routine, bedroom and personalising it.  This includes information on their pocket monies and any other financial allowances, correspondence and personal effects, meals and food preferences, family time, phones, personal belongings, laundry, transport, Education, Therapeutic Services, meetings as well as boundaries and expectations in relation to pain based behaviours and mutual respect of each other.

A list of our homes:
Tydavnet House – 3 bedroom
Clarnagh House – 4 bedroom
Drumbenagh House – 3 bedroom
Killylaragh House – 4 bedroom
Ivy Hill – 2 bedroom
Lisdrum House – 2 bedroom
Foremass House – 4 bedroom
Oghill House – 3 bedroom
Glyde Cottage – 3 bedroom
Killymonaghan House – 2 bedroom
Cornavon House – 2 bedroom


To further support our children and young people with the familial model, our holiday home in Co. Donegal provides the perfect relaxation spot during the school breaks.

Interested in joining our team?

Make A Referral

We accept referrals through the National Private Placement Team in ROI and via direct referral from the Health and Social Care Trust in NI. Please contact Ashdale House on 048 85567755 from ROI or 028 85567755 from NI to speak directly to one of our Referrals Team for further information on our facilities and services.

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