Therapeutic Services

Our Therapeutic Services


Our psychologists provide a comprehensive service to both our children and young people and our staff. They can interpret and/or conduct assessments using a variety of methods including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation and translate same into an Individual Placement Plan in line with a Care Plan. They can also carry out direct interventions with our young people on an individual or group basis, devise and monitor appropriate programmes of work, facilitate counselling and conduct regular case consultations and reviews. Our psychologists also facilitate part of our in-house training programme. Our psychologists offer therapies and appropriate programmes of work for difficulties relating to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, social and interpersonal problems, grief and loss and challenging pain-based behaviours.

Art Therapy

Our Art Psychotherapist with a wide variety of art material, encourages creative expression and provides an alternative means of exploring, expressing and communicating difficult feelings and experiences in a safe, confidential space. Art therapy provides an opportunity to explore and develop emotional and psychological understanding of self and others. It can promote relationship and trust building as well as the development of new resources and coping skills and assists at risk children and young people to explore and understand emotional triggers and develop empathy. Art therapy is a proven form of therapeutic intervention that can positively address emotional, behavioural and social challenges, and improve emotional and psychological wellbeing.


We place strong emphasis on a child or young person’s education plan and are innovative in ensuring a comprehensive education programme. Education improves life opportunities and we are committed to supporting children and young people in achieving the best educational outcomes possible. We have developed excellent working relationships with our local primary and secondary schools and Youth Reach Projects and provide them with bespoke training and supports. Every effort is applied to securing a school placement for our young people on admission to one of our homes or shortly afterwards. If there is an interim period, we apply the normal school hour day to our daily routines in the homes. We have on site in our hub, 3 qualified teachers who facilitate one to one education provision for any of our residents who are not in a mainstream school up to and until they are ready for a mainstream school. Our teaching staff will also help and support with identifying a suitable school for each of our young people and will support their transition to their new school. A Homework club is also facilitated by our teachers to support all our children and young people with extra tuition on any subjects they may be struggling in. Our teaching staff also facilitate a ‘holiday period activity programme’ which includes activities and visits to places of interest to widen their cultural and educational experiences.


We acknowledge that the structure of a mainstream educational setting, while appropriate for some, will not benefit all young people in achieving their full academic potential.

In response to this we have registered with ASDAN, a charitable Organisation (Reg. Charity No. 1066927) which formally recognises young people’s success in a wide range of skills. ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and internationally recognised awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. Together we work outside the realms of mainstream education and create an environment and learning regime based on individual skills, interests and void of the stress and fear of failure more associated with formal academia.

Our course rewards small steps of achievement regularly and progressively, enhancing a young person’s self-esteem, confidence and ambition. This is co-ordinated by our accredited ASDAN practitioner who has scheduled individual time with each young person on a weekly basis.

Occupational Therapy

Focuses on helping children and young people develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent adults. There are numerous issues that can affect a child’s ability to perform common tasks or progress normally through the stages of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. O.T. is informed by the Sensory Integration approach. Sensory Integration is the brains ability to process the information or sensory feedback we receive from our environment and use this information to inform our muscles and limbs on the appropriate movement required to successfully carry out a task.  There is a strong association between sensory processing difficulties and the problems children and young people encounter in every-day life with learning, development, emotions and behaviours. We assess each child during observation in a range of environments to identify sensory processing skills and / or deficits and formulate a Sensory Skills programme in liaison with the therapeutic and residential teams, to develop and enhance a child’s Sensory Integration abilities.

Experiential Learning Activity Programme in conjunction with Gartan Outdoor Education Centre.

Outdoor Activity Pursuits

The use of Outdoor Activity Pursuits is offered as a therapeutic medium for all children in our care if it is identified as potentially beneficial for the ongoing health, wellbeing and development of the child or young person. The use of Gartan Outdoor Education Centre and other outdoor activities will be agreed with all relevant professionals overseeing and co-ordinating the young person’s Care Plan, Individual Placement Plan and therapeutic plan. We use specific measures/documentation to evaluate and quantify outcomes from this program that include:
• Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
• Vulnerable Attachment Questionnaire
• Out-come Star ‘My Star’ subjective measure.

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