Our Services

We are a provider of residential and therapeutic services to children and young people.


We maintain a safe, nurturing atmosphere for young people with complex needs who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.


We engage each young person in an education programme based on their needs. This includes mainstream school, special education, Youth Reach, FAS education schemes and training courses. We have a full time education team who provide one to one tuition to a young person if mainstream education is not suitable. Our aim is to assist young people in achieving their full academic potential.


The aim of the ASDAN programme is to motivate young people by providing firm boundaries and achievable goals. Our projects encourage problem solving, promote active and experiential learning, reward achievement and completion of tasks and make learning relevant and adaptable.


Art Therapy
Art Therapy has a unique role as an intervention with traumatized children. It is a predominantly non-verbal, feelings based intervention which can:-

• Enhance emotional regulation and sensory modulation
• Assist in the reduction of stress and anxiety related behaviours
• Help young people creatively explore, express and address difficulties
• Promote the development of new and adaptive coping skills
• Build resilience, confidence and self esteem

The Clinical Psychologist supports the implementation and maintenance of Attachment and Trauma Informed Practise across the Residential Homes within Ashdale Care Ireland. This support includes: –

• Provision of Psychological Assessments, Training, Supervision and input into the Care Planning process to improve the psychological health of all young people resident in our homes.
• Provision of evidence-based therapeutic work with individual children, young people and in small groups.
• Direct communication and liaison with external agencies and professionals. Preparation of Psychological Reports and attendance at CICR to support the needs of the young people.
• Regular communication with colleagues in the Residential Homes, Operational Management, and Clinical Team.
• Support for colleagues through Clinical Consults to reflect on practice and self-care issues.
• Promotion of well-being within the organisational culture for both colleagues and young people.

Occupational Therapy (O.T.)

O.T. focuses on helping children develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent adults. O.T. is informed by the Sensory Integration approach which is the brain’s ability to process the information or sensory feedback we receive from our environment, to inform our muscles and limbs on the appropriate movement required to successfully carry out a task.

This approach recognises the association between sensory processing difficulties and the problems children encounter in every-day life with learning, development, emotions and behaviours.

We assess each child by observation in a range of environments to identify sensory processing skills and / or deficits, and formulate a Sensory Skills Programme in liaison with the Therapeutic and Residential Teams, to develop and enhance a child’s Sensory Integration abilities.

The hallmark of Sensory Integration is that it is done in the context of play, the children love the activities, and the activities are their own reward.

Make A Referral

We accept referrals through the Tusla Placement Team in RoI and via direct referral from the Health Trusts/Children’s Service in UK.
Please contact Ashdale House on 048 8556 7755 from RoI or 028 8556 7755 from UK to speak directly to one of our Referrals Team for further information on our facilities and vacancies.

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